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Three facts about myself:
I have two dogs- Oreo and Tucker^^
I’m a total cry baby haha I’m such an emotion person.
I played volleyball for 5 years, I started playing in my 8th grade year of middle school^^

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Fact about myself:
My hair has to be fixed or looking semi decent at all times but I can go without makeup without a problem~^^

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welcome-to-all sent: If your wardrobe had to be monocolor, but different shades are allowed, which color would you choose?

This is tough because I have a lot of different colors that are my favorites. Hum… I’m going to go with purple^^

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welcome-to-all sent: I have a sore throat and stuffy nose. Any suggestions?

Awww >< I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick dear! For your throat drinking hot tea always helps me, for the stuffy nose you need to get some medicine that will break all of that up in your nose so you can breathe^^ Mucinex always works for me but be sure to watch which one you get. Some make you really sleepy^^

Get to feeling better soon dear! <3

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welcome-to-all sent: What's your favorite game? As a kid and now?

Humm, my favorite game as a kid was probably Crash Bandicoot >:D I played on the original play station console and all of the games that came out and still have them^^ My favorite game right now is Dragon Age, I’m playing it with my Double Dombo^^

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Eunhyuk ~ Cracks of my broken heart

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eunhyukee44:  it’s baekwae, baekwae #it’sbaekwaegram #whydidyouaddadaygram #it’shardbecausewe’reoldnowgram #butwecanstilldoitgram #itfeelsgoodgram #letsfirstcomebackgram (c)

(t/n: baek wae = baek hwae 100th, refering to 100th SJ concert that will be done in Korea SS6… hyuk wrote it out weirdly ㅋㅋ)

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eunhyukee44: C&D&E #it’schocogram #Whyareyoufacingbackgram (c)

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Message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about myself.

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[Official]Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 6″ in Seoul Poster | 140820

Eunhyuk - Hero
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