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Seeing all of these pictures from All About Super Junior- Treasure Within Us on my dash It makes me really really happy that I ordered both the Preview and the actual DVD set ^^ I’M REALLY EXCITED AND I NEEDED THEM TO BE HERE LIKE YESTERDAY…

BTW we’re slammed at work so I’m sorry I’m not on as much today as I normally am ;~;
Leave me sweet things to come back too though? :D

Hyukjae’s armpit shaving punishment cr: faccin

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: I’ll give u something new

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140728 TonyMoly Fansign

Fan: Why is your hair like that?! Why not bangs?

Hyuk: I will look rich like that

cr: 春春被李赫宰萌疯了

fan asked hyuk why is his hairstyle like that then he said “this hairstyle is showing my prosperity

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"You feed my addiction. You’re a cross between Santa Claus and that guy on the corner who says “Psst…do you want it?”

I literally just saw this reply to my “Biggest Fans” post… I haven’t laughed this hard in a while rofl You’re hilarious and I’m so so glad that I can help feed your addiction ;)
I’m always accepting spam requests and thank you so much for loving my little blog the way you do n_n

140729 Leeteuk Fanmeet

leader said before he left hyuk told him to be careful about 7jib info

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Teuk says 7jib will be like sorry sorry album , will take the industry by storm!!!!



eunhyukee44: Welcome back our leader! #MouthTeuk #RealLeader #AsForMeNowI’mDone (c)

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[COMIC] welcome back~!! ♥

  by: @MadziaVelMadzik

 #WelcomeBackLeeteuk #ThanksHyukjae 

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112//Endless edits of Hyukjae

112//Endless edits of Hyukjae

Awww thank you so much and I’ll try too^^ It’s another busy day today~
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Awww thank you so much and I’ll try too^^ It’s another busy day today~

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